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Music Production

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Custom Songs

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Session Work

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Arctic Bird Productions is located in Denmark and produces high quality music with a unique and artistic touch. Agnethe Melchiorsen is the woman behind Arctic Bird Productions, who’s services include custom songwriting, song production and session work. In Arctic Bird Productions there’s a strong focus on you as a client and we will do our best to fulfill any of your artistic aspirations.

So if you want to:

- Make music that moves people 

- Be in control of your music

- Support women in the industry


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Hey! I'm Agnethe and I'm the woman behind Arctic Bird Productions. I'm a creative producer and musician, an authentic songwriter and a skilled singer and recording artist. With a bachelor's degree from the Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus, Denmark) I have been making music for many years, while having also traveled a lot and experienced the world outside of the music industry. Having evolved from crooning jazz vocalist into heartfelt singer-songwriter into kick ass dark pop producer I am highly versatile and will do my best to meet your needs! So don't hesitate, just hit the button!

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